9 things we would do if we won a million dollars tomorrow

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Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

Remember back in the days? You know, way back when life was simple? You woke up, ate your cereal, went to school, came home, made a little snacky snack did your homework all so you could go outside and play with your friends.

Like most kids, a good portion of our childhood was spent alone in our thoughts in deep imagination. But as adolescent years fade and you venture into young adulthood, those thoughts don’t just go away. Rather, they evolve into more ‘mature’ but equally silly questions like “what are you looking for in a husband or wife?”, “what kind of car will you drive?” or “how many bedrooms do you want in your house“?

The other night, as we were watching our sweet baby boy frolic around in his own little world, we wondered…”what is he thinking right now“? Watching his little wheels turn gave us flashbacks to our own childhood and one of those old lingering unanswered questions; “what would you do if you won a million dollars tomorrow?”.

Admittedly, and thankfully, the day we become millionaires is within sight after years of paying off debt, investing in the stock market, buying rental properties,banking bonuses and living well below our means. But there’s a big difference between the slow and steady grind and a sudden windfall of $1 million dollars falling in our laps overnight. So for the sake of our imagination, we decided to give it some thought.

Here’s exactly what we would do if we got $1 million dollars tomorrow.



  1. Why pay off the mortgage on a rental when the tenant is paying it for you? I like your idea of buying apartments: instead of paying stuff off or investing in index funds, I’d gather all that money and go buy a cash flowing apartment. That alone would build your net worth and lead to early retirement faster than the other options.

    • Paying off the mortgage gives us one less thing to think about in our portfolio….and it’s a pesky $45K that would be paid back in no time.

  2. Understood except, there is an opportunity cost tying up your cash in “dead equity” in a home when you could be putting it to work, making more income for you in another rental property (apartment). But I’m sure Dave Ramsey would say to pay if off.

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