Inspiring better conversations about money

Inspiring better conversations about money

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Cashing Out: Win The Wealth Game By Walking Away

When it comes to our finances, we’re told to follow the same script as our white colleagues: work hard, make money, save, and invest. Yet despite putting in twice the effort, you end up making less and are routinely passed up for career opportunities. Here’s the truth: financial freedom is within your reach, but playing by corporate America’s rules will only take you halfway there. To win, you must eventually walk away—and take up an entirely different model of wealth accumulation

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Money on the Table

Many of life's most important conversations happen at the dinner table. Talking about money can be especially challenging but it's much easier when you can prepare and enjoy a delicious meal together. So we invite you to pull up a seat, pour yourself a beverage and join us as we put amazing food and Money on the Table.

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A Complete Guide to Cooking at Home

Before he was a money nerd and long before he met Kiersten, Julien was a professional chef. Since food is the third largest expense most people have, we cook at home a lot and and save hundreds of dollars a month because of it. Wanna know how? Let us show you how to EAT BETTER on a Budget!

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