rich & Regular is the story of two people who’ve fully realized the value and importance of freedom through mastering personal finance. It is the commitment to deepening one’s understanding of the systems, tools and tactics that help you build real wealth. It is an open book and a reference point for people who need a model to follow.

rich & Regular is a way of life worth considering. A call to action for millions of hard working, intelligent, and capable people to harness their strength and put themselves first instead of their jobs. It is the lynch-pin to empower the politically sidelined by removing the golden handcuffs that shackle you to a cubicle or office. A helping hand for those who just need to be shown how it’s done.

rich & Regular is a mindset, a lifestyle; a simple idea.

A step back from excuses, a step away from bad habits and a step towards changing your life for the better; forever. A movement in the making, rich & Regular is over it and knows you are too.

The time is now to start living good…on the low.