Podcast: Rich and Regular

E38: Tips for setting your 2022 Financial Goals

Episode Description:

New Year, new goals! It’s the time of year where people are buzzing with optimism and anticipating the fresh start of a new year. In this episode, we talk about why setting purely financial goals may not be the most useful exercise and offer their best tips and lessons about how to still achieve your money aspirations without losing yourself along the way. 


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Personal Capital

Hands down, Personal Capital is our favorite financial app. This is what we use to track our spending, calculate our net worth, and monitor the cost of our investments. The app is completely free to use and if you choose to invest with them, they have a team of licensed fiduciary advisors who can help you manage your portfolio.

Chime Banking

Ready to dump your brick and mortar bank account? Look no further than Chime, a completely mobile online banking platform that allows you to pay bills, send money, automate savings, and more with no hidden bank fees. You can sign up in just 2 minutes with no impact to your credit score.

M1 Finance

Backed by industry-leading technology, M1 allows users to build and balance their investment portfolio for free. It also acts like a checking account making it easy for you to transfer money in and out of investments seamlessly.

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