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E3: Financial Literacy and Overcoming Hesitance [ Show Notes]

Episode Description:

In recent years, we've had hundreds of conversations about money in person and online, with people around the world.  These exchanges have helped us to deeply understand the thought process, fears and underlying motivations people face along their financial education journey.  One of the most frequent patterns we see is that people have a tendency to commit to learning about money, but don't actually take action.  Rather, they allow fear or hesitation to settle in under the belief that they need to learn more to minimize the risk of something going horribly wrong.

We understand that feeling, so in this episode, we dove into the subject to help listeners navigate their fears and hopefully take the next steps towards improving their financial lives.  If  you've ever suffered from financial paralysis analysis, this one is for you.

In this episode we discuss


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Check out Julien and Kiersten as they chatted with NBCLX about What the recent GameStop mania tells us about financial literacy in the US

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