Money on The Table (Season 2)

This season, we're taking Money on the Table to the next level.  We're hitting the road to support small businesses, meeting with friends, authors, entrepreneurs and personal finance experts to talk about our favorite

From examining the high cost of living, experiencing the growing pains of entrepreneurship, mastering the fundamentals of investing to estate planning; we're tackling some of the most important financial topics over some pretty amazing meals.  And to top it all off, we're celebrating and patronizing small business owners along the way.  So grab yourself a plate, pour yourself a beverage and join us for a pretty amazing trip around the country.

Episode 1 | Atlanta, GA (Candler Park)

Atlanta is well known as a Mecca for Black families and wealth.  The combination of affordable cost of living, well paying jobs and diversity make it a compelling destination for Black families.  So in this episode, we dive into all that makes Atlanta unique over an amazing BBQ brunch at Lake & Oak.

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Episode 2 | Houston, TX

We have so many friends and family in the Houston, TX area that it only made sense to bring them all together for a heartwarming conversation about role modeling and estate planning.  Over the years, we've learned that having people you trust and relate to is critical to achieving any degree of financial success.  And what better way to tackle a conversation about legacy and estate planning than at Lucille's; one of Houston's most celebrated restaurants.

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Episode 4 | Tulsa, OK (Black Wall Street)

In this episode, we explore a once ignored historical event that changed the  landscape of a city and shaped the spirits of a broader community.  We visit the city of Tulsa, OK, discuss how investing can be a lever for creating social change all while enjoying coffee, tea and delicious Caribbean cuisine at Sisserou's.

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Bonus Clip: Celebrating Juneteenth '21 with facebook

Before we kicked off Season 2, we had the pleasure of filming a special Juneteenth inspired episode of Money on the Table for the Black@ Employee Resource Group at facebook.  What's not to love about combining food, virtual reality, bourbon and shrimp sliders?

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Many of life's most important conversations happen at the dinner table. Talking about money can be especially challenging but it's much easier when you can prepare and enjoy a delicious meal together. So we invite you to pull up a seat, pour yourself a beverage and join us as we put amazing food and Money on the Table.