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Life Insurance

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Nobody likes to think about life insurance because well…you know why.

It’s one of those things you know you need to have but you procrastinate because finally getting it done forces you to come to grips with your own mortality. We were like that too until we stripped away the emotion and thought practically about the life we wanted for ourselves and our son.

We’re proud supporters of Ethos Life Insurance since 2018

We stumbled upon Ethos Life Insurance randomly one day and it was one of the best things that ever happened to us. After doing some research on the company, it’s investors and seeing what made them different than other insurance companies, we were hooked!

Learning that Jay Z, Will Smith and Kevin Durant were all early investors only made our decision to enroll in Ethos term life insurance easier. To learn more about what lead us to that decision, click here.

But here are a few other reasons you should consider signing up for an Ethos Life Insurance policy.

They’re fast…like really fast

From beginning to end, after creating our account, selecting our term details and answering a few questions we were approved for a life insurance policy in about ten minutes on our iPhone. For policies under a million dollars, they don’t require medical checks and there was no lengthy back and forth of signing paperwork.

They’re a tech startup backed by a larger, more established company

So if you’re a little hesitant because you’ve not heard of Ethos before, rest assured because they are in fact guaranteed by Assurity Life Insurance Company who have been in business for over a hundred years.

Life insurance is one of the simplest ways to pass on of generational wealth

None of us know when we will pass away so having life insurance is one of the best and simplest ways to ensure your beneficiaries receive a significant payout. We’re passionate about doing our part to help close the racial wealth gap in this country and for many, life insurance is the easiest available option to make it happen.