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When it comes to our finances, we’re told to follow the same script: work hard, make money, save, and invest. Sounds simple, right? Yet despite putting in twice the effort, you end up making less than your White colleagues and are routinely passed up for career opportunities, all while navigating microaggressions and racist hiring practices in the workplace.

Here’s the truth: financial freedom is within your reach, but playing by corporate America’s rules will only take you halfway there. To win, you must eventually walk away from their game—and take up an entirely different model of wealth accumulation.

Our first book, Cashing Out is your roadmap to financial freedom despite the broken system. You don’t have to sacrifice your time and mental health to maximize income. Instead, we show you how to design a life that allows you to enjoy the little things now while setting yourself up for future financial security. Drawing from our journey paying off $200,000 of debt in five years, quitting our high-stress corporate jobs, and retaking control of our finances, this book will teach you:

  • Why the mantra and glitz of “Black Excellence” is an unsustainable motivation for wealth building
  • How to prioritize the right goals at each stage of your career so you can quit in 15 years or less
  • How to talk about money with your loved ones without coming to blows
  • Why you’ll probably never feel “ready” to start the journey to financial freedom—and why that’s okay
  • Practical strategies to bring more money in without robbing you of time and energy you don’t have

So what are you waiting for?  Pre-order your copy today. Or, to learn more about why we wrote the book, click here.

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Cashing Out on Good Morning America


They’re on a Mission to Bring FIRE to the Black Community. ‘It Is Harder, But It Is Still Possible’

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Excerpts from Cashing Out

Watch us read excerpts from Cashing Out and offer perspective on some of the key aspects of the book.  To be alerted when new content is available, subscribe to the rich & REGULAR YouTube channel.

Check out the Cashing Out Mixtape vol. 1

Every great movie has a soundtrack and every great book deserves a mixtape.  In this unique blend of music, interview clips, comedy and reflection from influential thought leaders, the Cashing Out mixtape is the perfect "taste" of what the book has to offer.  You can stream it for free here or download the mixtape by joining our mailing list.

And when you're done, don't take off those earbuds!  Stay in the zone and dive into the audiobook  narrated by us.

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The Cashing Out Book Tour | Presented by Capital Group

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Tour dates and experiences

We can't wait to meet up and hang out with you!

The Cashing Out book tour offers two distinct experiences in select cities.  First, we'll be offering book signing/meet and greet events which may include expert panel discussions and Q&A.  Secondly, we'll be offering Money on the Table style dinner experiences.

Click below to see where we're headed and to reserve your ticket today!

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Supporting small and local businesses

Supporting local and black owned businesses has long been a way of life for us.  So we're incredibly proud to know that several of them have agreed to offer Cashing Out on their shelves and in their e-stores.  So before you grab your copies, please consider supporting them with your purchase.

Also, we've identified a list of libraries around the country that have also agreed to carry Cashing Out as an available title.