Season 2, Episode 5 | Harlem, NYC | Sugar Hill Creamery

In this episode, we meet with three of our favorite financial personalities in Harlem, New York City.  They are; Jamila Souffrant, founder of The Journey to Launch Podcast, Carmen Perez, founder of Make Real Cents and Yanely Espinal, YouTuber at MissBeHelpful and Director of Educational Outreach at Next Gen Personal Finance. During this conversation, we tackle money from a woman's perspective, discuss how diversity is shaping money/fintech today.  We also get to know Petrushka, the co-owner of Sugar Hill Creamery, to learn more about how she got started as an entrepreneur.

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Meet our guests


Jamila Souffrant is one of the most well-respected financial personalities in the game.  She's the powerhouse founder and host of the award-winning podcast Journey to Launch and has been featured in Money Magazine, Business Insider and several other noteworthy publications.  In 2019, her podcast was recognized as one of the "27 Podcasts You Need To Start Listening To In 2018" and has since earned well over 2 million downloads.


When we first met Carmen, way back in 2018, she was in debt and a newbie to the personal finance world.  Since then, she's paid off $57K in debt, pivoted her career into tech and grown her platform Make Real Cents into one of the largest, most influential and entertaining personal finance brands.  When she's not inspiring her audience on social media, she's developing apps and exploring the world of cryptocurrency.


There are few people more passionate about money than Yanely of MissBeHelpful.  She's a gifted educator and has a way of cutting through the noise to ensure her audience or classroom is locked into her every word.  So it should come as no surprise that she's' been featured in major publications such as Forbes, USA Today, Marketwatch, Wall Street Journal and Primer Impacto.  Her YouTube channel, Miss Be Helpful is a go-to resource for  anyone looking to make informed money choices.

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About Sugar Hill Creamery

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Sugar Hill Creamery was an idea brought upon by the ‘sweet life’ that so many generations in Sugar Hill sought. As long time Harlem residents, the co-owners Petrushka and Nick Larsen, dreamt of this ‘sweet life’ while living on St. Nicholas Ave and 148th Street. After years of growth in their respective industries, they opened the first Sugar Hill Creamery store in 2017 within the Mount Morris Park District of Harlem. On Halloween of 2020, they opened the second store in Hamilton Heights just blocks from Sugar Hill, their namesake and where everything began.  We began shipping nationwide in 2020, and opened an outpost in Brooklyn’s Time Out Market at the start of summer 2021.

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About Harlem Hops

left to right (Kevin, Stacey and Kim)Photo: Sabrina Thompson/KUU Productions
left to right (Kevin, Stacey and Kim) Photo: Sabrina Thompson/KUU Productions

Harlem Hops is Manhattan's first 100% Black owned craft beer bar.  The owners, Kevin Bradford, Stacey Lee and Kim Harris are proud HBCU grads and are just as passionate about supporting their community as they are serving a wide array of delicious beer to their patrons.  In addition to running this successful business, they also run a non-profit organization, Harlem Hopes that provides scholarships for prospective attendees of historically black colleges and universities.

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