Why work with us?

We aren't just..."influencers". 

We're digital entrepreneurs, former sales and marketing professionals, published authors, speakers and creative storytellers driven to help others achieve their financial goals.  What makes us different?  We don't aim for the head...we aim for the heart.

In other words, we don't over-rely on education or catchy how-to advice to drive people to take action.  Rather, we respect our audience's intellect and rely on emotionally driven content that moves them.  Over the years, we've learned that stats, data and numbers have the tendency to go in one ear...and out the other.  But stories have a way of sticking with people and leaving a lasting impact.  So we find and tell culturally relevant, nuanced and relatable stories that inspire people to improve their financial lives.

Wanna know the best part?  It works!

Brands we've worked with...



Help drive awareness of Betterment's socially responsible investment options.

What we did:

Tapping into the underlying motivations of our audience, the feeling of isolation during the pandemic and social uprising, we developed a mini-documentary style video that gave viewers a deeply emotional reason to consider these investing options.

Varo Bank


Support Varo Bank's master brand/Drive awareness

What we did:

In celebration of Women's History Month, we tapped into Kiersten's personal story and family history in Texas to illustrate the importance of financially empowered women.


Support Varo Bank's master brand/Drive awareness

What we did:

In celebration of Financial Literacy Month, we tapped into Julien's upbringing in Brooklyn, NYC to tell a story about status symbols and how they shape our thinking about money.

Lighstream Loans (a subsidiary of Truist)


Support Lightstream Loans' brand campaign (Purposeful Debt)

What we did:

We shared a personal story of how we met and how debt played a role in an early breakup.  In doing so, we directly addressed the "stigma" of having debt as a moral failure and showed viewers that in some cases, it can be purposeful.

We contribute to several media publications (digital and print)

For a full list of published articles, please visit our media/press page.

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Food + Money = Money on the Table

Season 1 of Money on the Table is available to be viewed on YouTube, Facebook Watch and Instagram TV.  Season 2 is slated to be filmed during the late spring/early summer of 2021 and scheduled to be released by late summer/fall 2021.

Interested in sponsoring a season, episode or related content?  We offer flexible multi-media content packages for relevant brands interested in deeply compelling, long-form original content.

If you're interested, please don't hesitate to contact us via email or the contact form below.

Econome Julien

Let us deliver the message

Whether it's virtual, a fireside chat for employees or in person conferences, we're prepared to deliver an authentic, focused and inspirational message to your audience.  Topics range from wealth building, the journey to entrepreneurship, real estate investing, investing in the stock market or navigating work-life-balance on the journey to financial independence.

Check out a few video clips below.


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