Season 2, Episode 1 | Lake and Oak BBQ

In the season 2 opener, we meetup with a few of our dearest friends for a delicious brunch at Lake & Oak BBQ in the East Lake area of Atlanta.  Two of our guests have recently moved to Atlanta from Chicago while another had recently moved from New York City.  They share why they decided to relocate their families, the financial and career impact of moving.  They also offer perspective on managing money as a  couple, overcoming the fear of leaving home,  career opportunities and women as breadwinners

If you've considered moving to Atlanta to improve quality of life and improve your finances, this episode is for you.

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Meet our guests


A native Midwesterner, Troy moved to New York City with big city dreams.  For years, he lived and worked there as an Advertising Account Executive.  But as his family grew, his perspective changed. Today, he, alongside his wife Neisha and their two sons, have settled in the Atlanta area.  In addition to the FIRE movement, Troy is a whiskey enthusiast and runs the social media account Rye & Sons where he shares his adventures and perspective on fatherhood.


Mike may have been raised in Huntsville, AL but there are few people in the city that represent for the ATL like he does.  He's our resident expert on Atlanta culture, history and places to get a delicious meal.  When he's not being an amazing father or husband, he's the Editor in Chief of Butter ATL, and freelance writer for the Guardian, Rolling Stone, Wall Street Journal, Playboy, Eater and other media outlets.  Fun fact:  He once attended a zoom call with the Rapper Bow Wow and dozens of other people named Michael Jordan to discuss what it's like to be named Michael Jordan.


Everyone deserves a friend like Jacqueline.  She's the type of woman you can hang out and party with, have amazing meals with, talk about complex social issues with and still make you laugh.  She is the backbone of her family and handles the pressure with grace.  When she's not being amazing, you may find her gliding down the Chattahoochee River on a kayak.


She is a sprinkle sparkler, the people's champ, wife, mother of two and second to none...but you can just call her Ronnie.  She's a C-Suite executive and nationally recognized leader in the field of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.  When she's not smashing ceilings and opening doors for others, she's helping people manage their careers as an executive coach and dropping jewels on her podcast The Career Clinic.

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