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When we recommend a product, service, or tool it's because we actually believe it will be useful to you. We aren't about playing with your time or money.

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Start Investing


Acorns makes simple automated investing simple by investing your "spare change" on your behalf. With Acorns, every charge you make to a connected account is rounded up to the nearest dollar. This way, with each swipe, you're making an automated "mini" contribution to your retirement.

By far, it's the easiest way to automate your saving and investing. Try it today!

M1 Finance

Backed by industry-leading technology, M1 allows users to build and balance their investment portfolio for free. It also acts like a checking account making it easy for you to transfer money in and out of investments seamlessly.

Managing Credit

Credit Karma

Looking to monitor your credit score? Credit Karma tracks your accounts, offers you a free credit score and gives tips on how to improve it. This way, when you're ready to buy a home, car or take out a loan, you'll know you're getting the best rate possible.

Don't have the time or patience to do all the dirty work yourself? Visit They'll help you dispute any errors, and challenge discrepancies that may be keeping your score down.

Real Estate

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If you’re new to real estate investing, one of the best ways to get started is with With Roofstock, you can start earning passive rental income by purchasing tenant-occupied rental properties online.  After you create your free account, you just build your profile so they know exactly what you’re looking for, your budget, and the timeline to invest.


Did you know you could start investing in commercial real estate projects today?

Crowdstreet is a real estate investing platform that gives you direct access to commercial real estate investing opportunities. Through their platform you can review and invest in deals that meet your individual investment criteria. From multi-family homes, to office parks, industrial projects to hotels, Crowdstreet lists projects across the US and provides professional tools and consultations, 100% online.

Estate Planning

Trust & Will - Online Wills and Estate Plans | Trust & Will

Having conversations about estate planning can be tough, but Trust & Will makes the process fast, secure and simple. Protect your parents, grandparents and loved ones today!


Spruce Mobile Banking - Get Better with Money

Spruce is a mobile banking app to help you make the most of your tax refund, get paychecks up to two days early and earn cash back rewards at select retailers.

YNAB. You Need a Budget.

There are few budgeting tools that come with die-hard fans like this one. YNAB isn't just a tool, it's a comprehensive program designed to help you manage your spending, pay off debt, and across every aspect of your life. The best part? You can try it for free for up to 34 days.

Learn New Skills

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Eat Better on a Budget: A complete guide to cooking from home.

Recipes can tell you what to make, but they don't teach you how to cook. If you're a beginner in the kitchen or simply looking to make cooking at home less frustrating, then check out our newly designed e-book. We'll teach you how to organize your kitchen, improve knife skills, master core cooking techniques, grocery shop like a pro and more!


Are you a more hands-on/group learner? Then check out Skillshare! You can learn and develop new skills from some of the world's leading voices, create projects and collaborate with a community of people eager to learn with you.


If you've seen the commercials, then you already know Masterclass instructors are some of the biggest names in entertainment, sports, and media. But there are also really helpful cooking classes, cocktail-making, and entrepreneurial lessons to help you sharpen your skills or take a hobby to the next level. The site comes with an easy to use app and can also be streamed through Apple TV.

LinkedIn Learning

Thought Linkedin was just a social network for professionals? Think again! Linkedin Learning offers a suite of online classes designed to help upcoming or experienced professionals learn new, marketable skills. If you're looking to impress your manager in your upcoming review, then look no further than their library with over 16,000 titles across every imaginable subject.


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Our Amazon Storefront

If you've seen Money on the Table and thought where'd they get that pan? What kind of knife is that? Or where do I get these glorious bath towels Kiersten loves so much? Well, look no further than our Amazon storefront. We've organized all of our recommended books, kitchen/ household, and more in one place for you to browse through.  

Sling TV

Sling TV is another popular streaming option to Hulu. The difference is, it gives you flexibility in the channels you purchase. It can be streamed through all popular devices and prices for LIve TV bundles start as low as $30 per month.

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Republic Wireless

Prepare to have your mind blown. If you're looking for solid, affordable phone service without all the expensive data plans from the big carriers, then welcome to Republic Wireless. The service uses your WiFi connection first [instead of data] when connecting calls which allows them to pass the savings onto you. So if you're spending a lot of time at home, this is a no-brainer way to immediately save more money. Prices for unlimited talk and text plans start as low as $12.50 a month.


Sometimes, going to the grocery store can be therapeutic. Other times, it’s a pain in the a$$. On those days, it’s absolutely key to use Instacart and to have someone do the shopping for you. You tell them what to buy…and they do it. It's a #gamechanger.

Try Amazon Prime

We can’t imagine how we would fit all of life in if we had to run errands every time we needed something and that's why we rely on Prime. If for some crazy reason you don’t already have it, do yourself a favor.

Digital Entrepreneurship

There's a reason WordPress sits at the top of the throne when it comes to blogging. It's easy to use, secure and is super flexible allowing you to switch design templates, themes or add plug-ins to make your blog shine.  

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Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or corporate professional looking to add a bit more design in your life, Canva is our design tool of choice. We use it for social media graphics, quick video editing, stock photography, presentations and so much more. The mobile app is just as easy to use which allows us to create impressive and professional designs on the go.

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Once you have the idea, it's time to bring it to life. And there's not better place to start than with Bluehost. At Bluehost, you can quickly secure the domain and jump straight into launching that blog, website or online business.


If you're still intimidated or uncomfortable with design on your own, then we highly recommend Fiverr. It's an online marketplace that connects you to thousands of designers ready to do whatever you ask them to. We've used Fiverr for logo design, artwork, ebook conversion, and more.


Ready to sell? Once you've designed your product, you're going to need checkout software that connects you to a payment processor. Ideally, this checkout cart is easy to use, mobile-friendly but most importantly...converts lookers into buyers. We highly recommend Thrivecart.

Movavi Video Editor Plus

Video design editing can be intimidating...which is why we LOVE Movavi Video EditorThe user interface is simple, fast and intuitive which makes it easy for us to trim, cut, add effects, export and get our content out into the world.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

 If ever there was a Bible for affiliate marketing, it's this course by Michelle Schroeder-Gardner. It's helped hundreds of bloggers grow their platform over the years and is sure to do the same for you.

Managing Debt


Refinance your federal and private student loans with Lendkey's network of banks and credit unions. Get started today and see what rates are available to you!

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Credible is an online marketplace that provides you with competitive, personalized loan offers from multiple, vetted lenders in real time. You can also refinance your student loans and mortgages to save you money. Plus, you get a $200 Welcome Bonus when you complete your refinancing!

Bank Black

Welcome to Greenwood: Modern Banking for the Culture.

Founded by Atl's own Killer Mike, Fmr. Ambassador Andrew Young and media mogul Ryan Glover, Greenwood is the latest Black-owned bank poised to support and uplift the community.  


You shouldn't have to pay crazy fees to get access to your own money. If you're looking for a great checking account that is secure and offers financial education catered to you, then look no further than Capway.

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Join the BankBlack® Movement - OneUnited Bank

We support the #bankblack movement for many reasons but none more important than because we understand the needs and challenges of our community.

We also believe in the power of economic equality, using our resources and money to drive change. You don’t have to move all of your money, but we do hope you’ll join us in taking a first step to supporting this movement today.

For more on why we support this movement, check out a few of our popular posts:


We made the decision in 2017 to move our savings account to a black owned bank so we could put our money where our values are.