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There are few things in life more complicated than money.  One day, you're excited about getting a raise at your job and the next, you're anxious because you don't know what to do with the extra cash.  Money is one of a few subjects that has the potential to ignite the full range of emotions inside of you.  And in those moments, during those decisions, we want to meet you right where you the intersection of life of money.

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E59: 5 ways to adjust your grocery habits for inflation

Does your grocery bill have you weak in the knees? You’re not alone. As the US is experiencing record-levels of inflation, common grocery items are seeing double-digit increases in price. In this week’s episode, Julien and Kiersten Saunders tackle how to adjust your grocery habits to prevent further eroding your financial goals.

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E58: What to do if you're suddenly laid off

Several tech giants have announced mass layoffs or hiring freezes recently as a reaction to market conditions. Moves like this typically cause ripples in other parts of the job market and impact other sectors. In this week’s episode, we talk about what to do if you suddenly lose your primary income source.

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E57: Are we heading toward a recession?

According to a March CNBC+ Acorns Invest In You survey, 81% of adults said they think the US economy is likely to experience a recession in 2022. In this week’s episode, we explain what a recession is, why it can be difficult to determine that we’re in one WHILE we’re in one, and a few tips to navigate the possibility that one is coming.

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E56: Working two remote jobs at the same time

You’ve likely heard of being “underemployed”, but there’s a new trend emerging called “overemployment” where knowledge workers take on two full-time remote-jobs, typically without disclosing to either company. Would you consider taking on some extra work for extra cash? In this week’s episode, we discuss the pros and cons of this practice, with a few stories from our listeners. 

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E55: Demystifying retirement

For many people, retirement is an elusive fantasy that feels out of reach. According to a recent article from Money, less than half of workers are confident they’ll have enough money for retirement, and another large swath of the population has a retirement plan to just work indefinitely. In this week’s episode, we demystify retirement and what it requires to be in control of how your golden years are spent.

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E53: Upskilling to earn more money

“Upskilling” is one of the latest buzzwords to emerge from The Great Resignation trend and in this week’s episode, we unpack what it means to upskill (and reskill) and why it’s such an important hedge to ensuring your earning power keeps pace with inflation and rising costs of living. Tune in to learn more about tools and resources available to help you identify in-demand skills and learning platforms that are created specifically for working adult learners.

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E52: Demystifying business structures

April is National Financial Literacy Month and in this week’s episode, we kick it off with an explainer of a few common business structures. If you’re an experienced business owner or just thinking about dipping your toe into the world of entrepreneurship, one of the first tasks you have to do is pick a business structure. It’s easy to get confused, but once you’re clear on the advantages and disadvantages of the most common ones, you can start to determine which is best for your particular business model.

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E51: Alternatives to buying a house right now

We’ve been watching the frenzy of the housing market for over a year now and empathize with the frustration that many people are going through. In this week’s episode, we offer a potential outlet for all the anxiety by sharing 4 alternatives to buying a house right now and offering some perspective on how to think about the housing market.

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E50: Understanding Total Stock Market Index Funds

It’s not a secret that we’re huge fans of index fund investing as the simplest path to wealth. In this week’s episode, we break down why by explaining how to read a fund’s prospectus or annual report. You’ll learn how to determine what’s driving a fund’s growth, how much it’s costing you to own it, and how to tell if your investments are on par with the market averages.

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E49: “Can we get a podcast about the metaverse?”

We received a listener request to explain the metaverse so that’s what we did! In this week’s episode, we are talking about the multi-trillion dollar opportunity that all your favorite brands and banks are clamoring to participate in: the metaverse. Listen to learn more about what the metaverse is, why people are so excited about it, and if you happen to be a believer, we cover a few ways you can invest in it today

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E48: It's OK to not be passionate about your job

A common piece of career advice is to “follow your passion” so it never feels like work. Well, in this week’s episode, we discuss how following your passion can impact your financial life based on a new book called The Trouble with Passion: How Searching for Fulfillment at Work Fosters Inequality. People who work in fields like healthcare, social work, nonprofits and education are known for their devotion, but conflating passion with long hours and overtime can lead to burnout and resentment. Tune in to learn more about the shortcomings of “follow your passion” and what to do instead.

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E47: Media literacy and our financial lives

Defining “financial literacy” in the 21st century means looking beyond basic math comprehension - it requires an understanding of other intersecting literacies like tech and media. In this week’s episode, we cover 3 key traits of the US media industry and what implications it has for your financial life.

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E46: How to protect your valuable items

A common piece of financial advice is to buy insurance for what you can’t afford to replace, but how much is too much? This week, we cover some common ways to protect your valuable items. Whether it’s your home, jewelry, electronics, or rare book collection, the world of insurance and warranties can get murky and requires some hands-on research. Listen to hear our best advice for navigating policies and getting the best coverage at the best price.

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E45: You need financial wisdom more than willpower

Philosophers have spent centuries trying to define what wisdom is and why it’s valuable to no avail. On today’s episode, we unpack one of the most misunderstood traits and share new research about how wisdom may be the thing that helps you achieve your financial goals more than willpower. In it, they share insights about what wisdom is, what it’s not, and how you can begin to cultivate greater wisdom for yourself and your decisions.

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E44: 5 Financial Don'ts

We live in a world full of abundant information, so much so that sometimes it can feel like we have unlimited options which can lead to financial overwhelm, or even worse: analysis paralysis.  The hard truth is, sometimes deciding what you’re NOT going to do is just as impactful as deciding what you are going to do. In this episode, we are kicking off the month of February with a list of 5 Financial Don’ts to help you narrow down the list and take some things off the table!

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E43: 4 small habits that have big financial impacts

It’s the last day of the first month of the New Year and statistically, the majority of people have already given up on some of their resolutions. Maybe they were too big, too ambitious, or just flat out too hard…but that doesn’t mean we can’t still make progress on our financial goals. In this episode, we are talking about 4 small habits that have big impacts on personal finances.

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E42: Things to Consider Before Relocating

According to the Chief Economist of LinkedIn, prior to the pandemic one in every 67 jobs were remote, and today it’s one in 7. This growing trend of remote work has created a lot of opportunities for more people to consider relocation for the first time in their careers. In this episode, we explore a few financial and emotional considerations to think about if you’re considering taking the leap and migrating somewhere else.

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E41: Ways to invest outside of the stock market

By now you’ve probably seen several financial experts and influencers making their predictions about how the stock market is going to perform in 2022. In this episode, we ignore all of that and talk about diversifying your portfolio beyond the stock market. While stocks have a proven track record of being a stable investment, emerging fintech platforms and recent changes in crowdfunding regulations have enabled retail investors to participate in asset classes that have been historically unavailable to them like commercial real estate, fine art and even rare wines

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E40: Tech illiteracy and our financial lives

In this episode, we connect the dots between tech literacy and financial literacy by exploring some of the ways your digital savviness (or lack thereof) can impact your wallet. Whether you consider yourself a gadget geek or tech-hesitant, tune into this episode. It will challenge you to keep learning and expanding your knowledge base.

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E39: Eat Better On A Budget

Happy New Year! If eating healthier is one of your 2022 goals, this episode is for you. In this episode, we share our favorite tips and solutions for cooking more at home. Food is one of the top 3 expenses for Americans and yet over 30-40% of the food we buy is wasted. Listen now to learn our favorite tips to cross-utilize ingredients and eat better on a budget.

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E38: Tips for setting your 2022 Financial Goals

New Year, new goals! It’s the time of year where people are buzzing with optimism and anticipating the fresh start of a new year. In this episode, we talk about why setting purely financial goals may not be the most useful exercise and offer their best tips and lessons about how to still achieve your money aspirations without losing yourself along the way.

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E37: The new rules of money etiquette

As the world continues to change at a rapid pace, we’re starting to transition away from money being a taboo subject and more and more people are being encouraged to talk about money. In this episode, we talk about the thin line between being transparent and being tacky and how to navigate this new normal of openness.

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E36: Why we get excited about robo-advisors

Roboadvisors were one of the reasons we fundamentally knew money and investing was changing forever and the pace of change would be faster than anyone could imagine.  In this episode, we talk about what they are, how they work, how they differ from traditional advisors and a few recommendations on getting started.


E35: Things we regret NOT buying

People always talk about buyers remorse, but what about the other side of that coin? In this episode, we run down the list of things we regret NOT buying and if there’s a way to recognize when you’re being CHEAP (vs. frugal) in the moment or if hindsight is truly 20/20 when it comes to financial regrets.


E34: Unpacking Success Guilt

In the spirit of awkward Thanksgiving conversations, this week’s episode is all about Success Guilt. In this episode, we break down why some people feel less inclined to share when things are going well, and what impact that has on others. If you’ve ever felt that ping of regret immediately after sharing a financial win, this episode is for you.


E33: Let's end the debt shame game

If you were to survey 1000 people to identify a feeling they associate with their debt, most of them would say “shame”.  While shame can be a productive tool for some, it doesn’t work for everyone. In this episode, we are talking about the relationship between shame and debt and how using shame as a motivator can actually work against you.


E32: What's new with credit

Recent enhancements to technology have changed every aspect of how we manage our financial lives; particularly in managing credit. Most people are familiar with lucrative credit card offers and loyalty programs. But today, there are even more exciting features and benefits to lure in more customers. In this episode, we talk about how credit has changed over the years, what's changed in credit scoring, some emerging trends and how it all can impact your financial life.


E31: Have you outgrown your financial hero?

They say you can tell what kind of ideals a person has based on who their heroes are, but what happens when you start to disagree with the people you admire most? At first you might be compelled to try to convince them to see your side, but if they can’t be swayed...then what? In this episode, we discuss what it means to outgrow a financial hero and how you can recognize when it’s happening.


E30: Your Career Is Not Your Identity

It’s natural to identify with the places in your life where you spend the most time and receive the most feedback, but failing to realize that who you are is not the same as what you do can be an expensive endeavor. In this episode, we unpack identity and how it can be a powerful filter in the world that either increases your earning potential or decreases it. 


E29: Frugal Home Flipping

In this episode, we discuss a recent article from the Nov/Dec issue of Success Magazine. The article features an interview with HGTV star Tarek El-Moussa where he shares his advice for new flippers, as well as where to focus your efforts if you want to protect the profit margin on your flips.


E28: Understanding Bull Markets

“Buy low, sell high” is one of those money phrases that gets tossed around often...but how do you know if a low point is the lowest point? Or conversely, how do you know when a high point is at its highest and therefore know when to invest or when to sell? In this episode, we explore what it means to be in a bull market and what you can do to ensure you’re not too late to the party.  


E27: Coping with Financial Fraud

The amount of fraud continues to rise among market and economic uncertainty. And after recently watching the Amazon Prime docuseries LulaRich, we decided to tackle coping with financial fraud. In this episode, they discuss some common grifts as well as red flags and what to do to protect yourself if you’ve been defrauded.


E26: Employee burnout and rage-quitting

We’re in the middle of the Great Resignation, and more employees are citing burnout as the reason for leaving. In this episode, we discuss the latest trends and reports related to burnout, and the financial implications of “rage-quitting” or leaving a job abruptly before you have another plan. From healthcare to tax and credit implications, there are few things you should be thinking about before you make a short-term decision that has longer-term financial implications.


E25: Do Competitive People Make More Money?

“Competitive” is one of those charged words that people either identify with or they don’t. It’s a word that is used to positively describe winners and negatively describe people who aren’t good team players, all at once. On this week’s episode, we tackle the question: do competitive people make more money? Listen in for a nuanced discussion of how your competitiveness can either benefit or harm your financial journey. 


E24: What to expect in between Financial Milestones

Goal setting is the cornerstone of wealth-building, but what should you expect when you’re in between goals? What should you be planning for? In this episode, we discuss the financial, emotional, and psychological effects of achieving financial milestones.


E23: Our Favorite Ways to Learn About Money

They say when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. In this episode, we talk about our favorite ways to learn about money. From books, to podcasts and movies, there's no shortage of modern-day "teachers".


E22: How to Deal with the Fear of Losing Money

If your fear of losing money is the thing that’s keeping you stuck, this episode is for you. We discuss loss aversion and offer tips on how you can start to teach your brain to react differently to losses and more strongly to gains.


E21: The Joys of Different Types of Income

Research suggests that the average millionaire has seven streams of income, and in this episode, we discuss some of the overlooked benefits of having multiple sources of income.


E20: When to Level Up and Pay for a Community, Course or Program

There's a natural conflict between wanting to be better at something and trying to minimize expenses - how do you know when it's time to level-up and pay to play? In this week's episode, we discuss how we decide when to spend money on a community, course or program


E19: Managing Love and Money

Money is the leading cause of arguments in relationships and a primary factor of why half of all marriages end up divorce. In this episode, we discuss an article written by Emma Johnson in the Sep/Oct issue of Success Magazine about the most common financial disagreements that drive couples apart.

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E18: A Conversation with the CEO of Success Magazine

In this episode, we welcome a guest - Glenn Sanford, CEO of Success Magazine. Glenn has been called "the Billionaire next door" and this week, we discuss his investing strategy, the mechanics of his purchase of Success, and his early crypto history.


E17: The Purpose of Income

The first time we explained this framework, we were on campus and speaking to a group of students, faculty, and staff talking about what it takes to build a “Modern Money Mindset”. One of the steps was giving your income purpose and the audience was baffled about what that meant. In this week’s episode, we explain the same framework we taught them. It’s designed to help you to think about your income differently and give it a purpose that goes beyond what you’re spending it on. Budgets are important, but giving your income a larger purpose will help you gain clarity on your goals, stop chasing income indefinitely and put your money to work so you don’t have to work for it. 


E16: 3 Reasons to Open a Brokerage Account

When people think about investing, they tend to default to retirement accounts. And those are great, but did you know there were accounts that didn’t penalize you for withdrawing before retirement age? In this episode, we go over the features and benefits of brokerage accounts and why you should consider opening one.


E15: How to Offset the Cost of Education with a 529 Plan

According to the 2018 Education at a Glance report, the U.S. spends more on college than almost any other country. In fact, the average college tuition in 2018 is nineteen times bigger than it was in 1971. In this episode, we explain how to offset the cost of education with a 529 plan. Even if a student in your life is not college-bound, 529s are an underrated tool that can be used for K-12 education costs and other qualified education expenses like books, supplies and computers.


E14: New Ways to Experience Luxury Without Ownership

If you've ever used the phrase "fake it till you make it" or "treat yo'self!", then this episode is for you. In it, we talk about new ways to experience luxury without ownership. From designer clothes to private jets, we share our thoughts on the emerging "accessible luxury" economy (sometimes referred to as the "Flex economy") and talk about ways you can experience the finer things in life without having to shell out the cash and buy it outright. 


E13: Asking for Financial Help

We all get by with a little help from our friends...or these days, strangers on the internet. In this episode, we talk about asking for financial help. Whether you're the person who needs money or you're the person being asked for money, this episode is for you 


E12: How to Financially Prepare for a Promotion at Work

We're all told to seek out promotions, but when was the last time you calculated the costs of doing business at a higher level? In this episode, we dive into what comes with a big promotion and how to pursue one, while also preparing for it


E11: Imagining your Worst Case Scenario

The only thing more American than apple pie is our indefinite optimism. Today, there is now enough data to suggest that most working-age American’s financial forecast should include plans for a sudden job loss or significant disruption income.  And while nobody enjoys imagining the worst case scenario, it may be the key to building financial resilience. 


E10: Expensive hobbies

Hobbies are all fun and games until the credit card statement comes and you see just how expensive they are to maintain.  In this episode, we dig into some of the most expensive and popular hobbies and offer insights into how to keep the costs under control so they don't derail other priorities.


E9: When the People You Love Disagree With Your Financial Choices

Your self-esteem can take a major hit when the people closest to you don’t support your financial decisions.  It can cause you to question your decisions, aspirations and goals and lead to you giving up.  So in this episode, we share our experiences and thoughts on how to push through when it doesn't feel like the people you love have your back.


E8: Dealing with Competitiveness in Relationships

Let's face it...Americans are pretty competitive.  We even compete with the people we love the most and sometimes it gets in the way of us achieving our financial goals.  Whether it’s a desire to ‘out-gift’ your partner or a race to ‘out-earn’ your colleagues, competition in relationships can have both positive and negative effects on your life.


E7: Adjusting your Financial Plan When Life Happens

What do becoming a parent, divorce and death have in common?  All three are very, very expensive. In this episode, we discuss all three and offer some tips on how to financially navigate these life-changing events.  


E6: Financially Supporting Parents (Our Story)

According to Pew Research, 47% of Americans in their 40s and 50s are financially responsible for a child AND a parent.  We're a part of that cohort called the Sandwich Generation and it's one of the most stressful and complicated parts of managing money.  In this episode we get personal to help give you some perspective on how to handle this pressure.

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E5: Credit card point hacking. Is it worth it?

Credit card point hacking....some people swear by it and others avoid it altogether.  But one thing is for sure; it's a multi-billion dollar industry and in some cases, the point programs are more valuable than the company's they're attached to!  In this episode, we dive into the weird world of credit card points to help you decide whether it should be a viable part of your financial plan.

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E4: Is Homeownership a Luxury?

When we think of luxury purchases, we think of fancy cars and upscale vacations on secluded beaches.  You know...things most normal people may never get a chance to experience in their life.  Well, if you've been paying attention to the real estate market, you could argue that simply becoming a homeowner is a luxury because it's so out of reach for the typical American.


E3: Financial Literacy and Overcoming Hesitance

Personal finance is a HUGE topic.  That's why we have a podcast dedicated to it.  With all the terms, concepts and strategies, it can be daunting to start the journey to mastering money.  In this episode, we talk about our respective journey to financial education and offer advice on the best ways to start.

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E2: The Four Letter F-Word...Fees

Yes, you can avoid some fees just by knowing they exist, and for the rest it's being mindful of it. Factor it in when you're comparing and lean into technology. Digital banks often have fewer fees and certain budget apps will isolate your fees so you can track it like any other category.

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E1: Introducing the Money Editors with Josh Ellis

Julien and Kiersten Saunders are the new Money Editors for SUCCESS magazine. In our first podcast, we tell SUCCESS Editor-in-Chief Josh Ellis how we met, how we started talking about money and what we have planned for the new show.

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