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E41: Ways to Invest Beyond the Stock Market

Episode Description:

By now you’ve probably seen several financial experts and influencers making their predictions about how the stock market is going to perform in 2022. In this episode, we ignore all of that and talk about diversifying your portfolio beyond the stock market. While stocks have a proven track record of being a stable investment, emerging fintech platforms and recent changes in crowdfunding regulations have enabled retail investors to participate in asset classes that have been historically unavailable to them like commercial real estate, fine art and even rare wines.


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If you’re new to real estate investing, one of the best ways to get started is with roofstock.com. With Roofstock, you can start earning passive rental income by purchasing tenant-occupied rental properties online.  After you create your free account, you just build your profile so they know exactly what you’re looking for, your budget, and the timeline to invest.


Did you know you could start investing in commercial real estate projects today?

Crowdstreet is a real estate investing platform that gives you direct access to commercial real estate investing opportunities. Through their platform you can review and invest in deals that meet your individual investment criteria. From multi-family homes, to office parks, industrial projects to hotels, Crowdstreet lists projects across the US and provides professional tools and consultations, 100% online.

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Hands down, Empower is our favorite financial app. This is what we use to track our spending, calculate net worth, and monitor the cost of our investments. The app is completely free to use and if you choose to invest with them, they have a team of licensed fiduciary advisors who can help you manage your portfolio.

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