An absolute no-brainer on how to easily save money on your energy bill.  By tracking your movements and traffic patterns, Nest automatically manages the temperature in your home and ensures you’re not wasting money when you’re not there.  Their indoor camera is great for security AND as the perfect nursery camera.  We use both!


Amazon Fire Stick,  Roku and Apple TV-

We’re big fans of cutting the cord.  It’s a great way to save money every month, take more control of your time and minimize the relentless barrage of commercials you’re forced to sit through with cable and satellite TV.

Amazon Echo-

We  love our Echo!  We use it to stream music, to play nursery rhymes when we’re in a pinch, to check the weather and to listen to podcasts.  But you can also use it to get special savings/offers from Amazon that are only available to Prime and Echo users.  When your hands are full, you can ask your Echo to add an item to your shopping cart, to adjust the temperature on your Nest  or to tell you how you’re tracking on your budget through YNAB.