Most people hate talking about money…but we aren’t most people.

We believe having conversations about money can be fun and are key to a healthy relationship. Besides, money is already at the heart of so many of the issues we experience…so why not talk about it! Whether we’re talking about work, family, love, race or broader social issues, there’s always a financial angle to be explored. So join us as we prepare a home-cooked meal, delicious drinks and insightful conversation.

Welcome to Money on the Table!

Episode 1- Why is money taboo? | Shrimp and Grits.

In the first episode of Money on the Table, we share our thoughts on why talking about money is taboo, especially in the Black community. It’s a touchy subject that’s only made easier by enjoying a delicious homemade southern classic, Shrimp and Grits.

We begin the conversation talking about our explosive first conversation about money and how unusual it was. This leads into a discussion about relationships, dating, parents and how the lack of transparency around money contributes to conflict. Lastly, we dive into the “coded language” of money in the Black community and how it contributes to the taboo.

Behind the Scenes: To celebrate episode 1, we toasted with a bottle of champagne. But to make it a little more interesting we decided to conduct a blind test to see if Kiersten could tell the difference between a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne and a significantly less expensive bottle of sparkling wine. Would she prefer the less expensive or more expensive bottle?

Check out her reaction below!

In the 2nd episode of Money on the Table, we share our experience of coping with racism in corporate America and how it’s influenced our decision to pursue financial independence. During our talk we touch on the moment we’re in [summer 2020], social uproar, police brutality, workplace politics and the role of Black women today as leaders in society. For dinner, we enjoy steamed mussels with leeks, a tomato bruschetta, charcuterie and grilled french bread.

In the 3rd episode of Money on the Table, we invited Julien’s Mom over for dinner to enjoy a slight twist on a Jamaican meal, grilled jerk yellowtail snapper with fried breadfruit. During our meal, we learned a lot about her childhood, what lead her to leave Jamaica and come to the US and how it all shaped her beliefs about money.

Show notes (recipes and links)

For recipes, talking points and show notes from-

  • Episode 1, Shrimp and Grits click here
  • Episode 2, Mussels, Tomato Bruschetta and Charcuterie click here
  • Episode 3, Grilled Jerk Yellow Tail Snapper and fried breadfruit click here
  • Episode 4, Orecchiette, Broccoli Raab and Italian sausage click here
  • Episode 5, Coffee spice rubbed ribeye and sweet potato hash click here
  • Episode 6, Homemade pizza click here

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Like what you see? Click below to subscribe to the rich & REGULAR YouTube channel!

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