11 phrases about money we should just leave in 2017

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To be fair, this isn’t solely used in reference to money but it’s definitely one of the most popular.  If ever these words are trickling out your mouth, it’s usually a tell-tale sign that you’ve given up on trying to find a better way to do something.  Regardless of the situation, it needs to be abolished because it’s a sign that you’re yielding to the forces living outside of you that want nothing more than to separate you from your money.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about towels, shoes, bedrooms, cereal, water bottles, toilet paper, or your cable/internet package, you can DEFINITELY have too much of it.  Just because something is on sale or slightly more than other options doesn’t mean you need to part ways with your hard-earned money for it.  Over time, these micro-splurges add up and take away from your ability to achieve more important financial goals.

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Ahhh yes; the “diamonds are forever” of the mortgage industry.  Unfortunately, it’s a blatant lie and one that shifts the borrowers attention away from their own long term interest towards a perceived short term savings.  While owning [over time] is proven to be better than renting, we shouldn’t diminish the value of the flexibility in renting.  Just ask anyone that can’t even apply for their dream job because they’re stuck in an under-water mortgage they can’t sell.

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I believe in the spirit of this statement— just not how it’s commonly applied.  In many cases, this is an excuse to hit up some cocktail hour with other professionals under the guise of “building business relationships” except…aint much building going on.  If you’re really going to network, then join an organization within your field of interest or attend a professional conference.  Better yet, use Instagram for more than sliding into DMs but please please skip the club and lounge shindigs.

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Except it doesn’t.  Your most precious capital is your time. If you spend it on bullshit, that’s what you’ll eat.  And don’t you dare hit me with “but time is money“.

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This is straight out of the baby boomer playbook.  If this were the early 1970’s then, yes, I would agree but today what you really need is multiple streams of income, ownership of assets, tax efficiency and an affordable cost of living.  Both the job and career can help you do that.

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Coughs (((bullshit))).  Never eva EVA make a habit of paying just the minimum payment on your credit card, co-sign a note for a friend with a bad credit history, put your eggs in one basket… you get the point.

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We all know that we should be saving more than we do, yet the nationwide savings rate as of September 2017 year is 2.9% soooo…

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Whether you believe you are or you aren’t…you’re right.  Furthermore, being good at math is NOT a pre-requisite to building wealth.  In Dr. Thomas Stanley’s classic book, The Millionaire Mind, he provides troves of evidence on the academic failures of plenty of millionaires and billionaires.  If they can do it, so can you.

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This is the lazy space cadets mantra.  What you really meant to say is that you’re not really motivated to do what you know you should, you’re not willing to seek help and you’re settling for less than perfect.  Meanwhile, other people less qualified than you are living your dreams.  Do better.


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