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Not a month goes by where we don’t get the “it must be nice” , the “ya’ll too rich for my blood” or the “favor ain’t fair” look.  They all pretty much look the same but the name and adjoining quote are often a reflection of the person speaking and the environment we’re in.  Sometimes, the looks are followed by the the slightly creepy statement, “I’m living vicariously through you”.  Though creepy; these are all compliments…mostly.  I also think black folk just like using the word – vicariously.  

These looks and comments don’t make us uncomfortable, but they do make us wonder,  what are you seeing?  Do you say that to everyone? We often respond with our own canned responses such as “Same to you. Stay up!” or “I’m just trying to be like you”. These days, hovering near the surface is common practice.  Yet sometimes, just below that twinkle in their eyes, you can see a glimmer of sincerity.  Like, “no really I’m trying to be like you when I grow up…put me on?” or “I really am living vicariously through you”.  As if underneath it all they really want to know, “what’s the secret“?

That’s why we started rich & REGULAR

We want to peel back the curtain and provide an honest, informative and relevant take on how to improve your life through mastering personal finance.  We want to share a real point of view from real people, for real people.  We want to help our generation overcome the destructive social taboo of talking about money.  Lastly, and most-importantly, we want to help people like us overcome the obstacles that get in the way of achieving their financial goals.  

We’ll start with revealing the secret.  You’re right…we’re rich.  

Let us be the first to confirm that we live quite comfortably and according to the only true unit of measure [net worth] we’re rich and on our way to being very rich.  Not quite rich AF but we’re headed there.  We’re also two regular a$$ working parents, loyal members of team Amazon Prime, cord-cutters, big fans of Personal Capital and a long list of other things that regular a$$ people do.  Striking the balance between being both rich and REGULAR is difficult at times but we’ve nearly perfected it.

There is no shortage of advisors, books, websites and articles teaching people how to get out of debt and build wealth.  What they can’t teach you is how to overcome the non-financial obstacles you will encounter along the way.  Only you can do that and hopefully you can use us as a reference to help you along that journey.

To be clear, this is not about showing you how to be like us.  It’s about helping our readers breakthrough their obstacles, showing you the bigger picture, reversing some pretty alarming trends and serving as an example for a lifestyle that is both fulfilling and attainable.  It ain’t easy; but it’s pretty simple.

Want to know another secret?  Some of you reading this are rich too and don’t even know it.  Someone’s auntie once said, “it’s not how much money you make, but how much you keep” that matters.  While we’re advocates for saving money, it only solves for part of the equation.  It’s just as critical to make more money, have your money work hard for you, manage your investment costs and  to celebrate milestones along the way.  So instead of wondering, assuming, grinding, hoping, delaying and avoiding the conversation, let’s talk about it.

Welcome to rich & REGULAR.


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