The official r & R mixtape: our vacation soundtrack

Paying off a mortgage is hard.  Working a full time job is hard.  Marriage and having a kid is definitely hard!

Add entrepreneurship, community service, professional endeavors, spiritual/religious events, self care, home repairs, hobbies, cooking, cleaning, medical appointments, car repairs, caring for aging parents, keeping in touch with friends and family, their kids birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, christenings, showers, alumni club events, entertaining out of town guests and it’s no wonder that over half of American’s don’t take the vacations they worked so hard to earn.  The fear of coming back to a mountain of backlogged crap makes a vacation seem like it’s not worth it.

To not fall into the trap of “punting” on our vacations, we now plan far in advance; sometimes 10+ months out. That way, even if we haven’t figured out all the details, there is always a block on the calendar that life and everything else that comes with it has to work around.  Few exceptions.

This year was no different.  Knowing that we would have a tough year, we knew we had to end it on a high note.  So to celebrate the mortgage payoff, the birth of our son and every other milestone we achieved this year, we’re headed to get a good dose of the OTHER r & r– rest and relaxation.

Welcome to the official rich & REGULAR mixtape to getting money.

Parental Discretion Advised.

Mr & Mrs. r&R

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