Money on the Table

Introducing Money on the Table

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Hey guys!

If you’ve been following us for a while then you know food and cooking is just as big a part of our lives as talking about money. On occasion, we share meals we’ve prepared on Instagram and we’ve even written an e-book to help people cook better at home. If you’ve found us through 60 Second Docs or the Marketwatch Fire Starters series, then you’ve probably even seen us cooking. But the dinner table isn’t just for eating. It’s where we have some pretty thought-provoking conversations. So we figured, why not share it with our friends!

Introducing… Money on the Table!

Money on the Table is our way of having you over for dinner, virtually of course. It’s what happens if a cooking show and a financial talk/reality show had a baby! And since so many people are uncomfortable talking about money, we figured we’d show them what it looks like so that maybe they’d be inspired to do the same. We get a lot of questions about money, investing, financial independence and pursuing entrepreneurship. So, through this platform, we’ll address many of those questions in a natural, fun and entertaining way.

Here’s what you need to know:

Subscribe to our YouTube channel

All episodes of Money on the Table can be found on our YouTube channel, IGTV and Facebook Watch. When you subscribe, you’ll get a notification whenever new episodes, extended scenes or bonus footage are live and it’ll be added to your library for you to watch whenever you’d like. On YouTube , we’ve also created playlists of videos to help keep you inspired, informed and educated about all things money!

You can also view early episodes on our video page but again, the full series will only be on platforms mentioned above. That is, unless something miraculous happens and a huge network says they want some of this action.

Where to find recipes, show notes and details

We know there’ll be questions about what we’re cooking, how to make it and the ingredients, so for each episode, there’ll be an accompanying show notes page with recipes, ingredients and details you’ll need to cook the meal at home. Similarly, for each conversation topic, we’ll provide links to blog articles, podcasts and other relevant information so you can dive deeper into the subject. Think of this as a recipe for the conversation so you can recreate the experience at home.

All of this can be found on our video page. If there’s ever anything missing or if you have a question about something, just leave us a comment on the page or the video and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

What inspired us to do this?

We’ve had thousands of conversations about money with people over the years so naturally, we’ve learned a lot about how people think, feel and learn about money. Over that time, we’ve learned three key lessons.

First, that people are more likely to make better financial choices when they are inspired to do so. Inspiration is the fuel that motivates people to educate themselves and take action in their lives. Secondly, conversations about money are delicate and should be treated with care. So…

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By doing this, we give people a chance to warm up before making big financial decisions or having tough conversations. We’re not financial educators or advisors but we do assume some responsibility to show you what it looks and feels like to make financial decisions. That way, you have something and someone to base your own experience on which hopefully makes it all a little less scary.

Lastly, we’ve long believed the personal finance industry had a marketing problem. There’s no shortage of money books, podcasts, blogs and YouTube channels out there but if we’re being honest with ourselves, many of them lean into financial education and literacy too heavily. Only money nerds like us wake up and actually want to talk about this stuff. The rest of the world would rather watch someone eat corn on the cob attached to a power drill.

What you can expect from Money on the Table

Well, aside from some delicious food, you can expect pretty much everything under the sun. Some conversations will be funny and others may be a little cringe worthy but we’ll power through it and hopefully inspire you to do the same. We’ll roll out episodes and footage steadily throughout the summer and if things go as planned, we may even have some friends over to join us. We couldn’t be more excited to share this with you and we really hope it helps to break the ice for those of you who needed a little nudge.

To see more, visit the rich & REGULAR YouTube channel.


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